Pubg weapon stats

PUBG Weapon Damage Stats
Weapon damage stats and charts
A few things to bear in mind:
First, these stats are sourced from datamines of the main game – sources include datamined stats, as well as data from PUBG redditor.

The tables below are ordered by Shots to Kill, with the fewest shots to kill ranked highest. That doesn’t mean that’s always the best way to evaluate the weapons though. For a sniper rifle it’s essential, as you’re trying to kill players with as few shots as possible. For others like ARs and SMGs, the Time to Kill is much more important, with the lower the time the better.

Time to Kill is when the weapon is firing at the chest of an opponent who is wearing Level 2 Chest Armour, which is the most likely standard for when you’re playing decent-level games from the mid-game onwards. Likewise Shots to Kill for Chest and Head are both for Level 2 Chest Armour and Level 2 Helmets.

Times are in seconds.

Weapons marked with an asterisk * are only available in air drop crates, so don’t plan to play around these being available in every game!
pubg weapon tier list
Guide Intro
Attached below are various sections, each demarcating what is known as a tier. All tiers repersent a theoretically viable weapon, except for D tier. However, the higher listed a tier is, the more widely viable and potent the weapon in question is. Judgments/evaluations/assessments of what constitutes a higher tier weapon placement than another are made based on: versatility/applicability, specialized potential, and general potential when compared to other weapons of similiar function.
In each tier, the first weapon mentioned indicates the most powerful weapon belonging to that tier, and the lattermost mentioned weapon denotes the least powerful weapon relative to that tier.
As pistols are not awfully relevant save for fringe scenarios and the very beginning of the game, I have neglected to rate their individual potential, and have instead crassly lumped them all together under one categorical rating. Likewise with melee, I have seperated melee only into two categories rather than rating all individual melee weapons: Pan, and ‘not pan’. The viability of the pan is judged based on its utility much moreso than its kill power.

Also, some weapons require upgrades/attachments/sights to perform to their maximum potential. This tier list is a weighted evaluative combination of both the immediate versatile applicability of a weapon and its maximum theoretical potential.


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